Notary Public: $10.00 per notarization 

Per the laws governing Notaries Public in Washington State (RCW 42.44; WAC 308-30), we will perform the fraud-deterrent process that includes vetting, certifying and recording; whereby, assuring the parties of a legal transaction that their documents are authentic and trustworthy. Please understand that this is a per notarization fee. 

An additional, mutually agreed upon travel fee may be required if you request we come to you. 

Process Service: $65.00 per location 


This includes delivery to one specified location, with up to 4 attempts to the same address. The initial attempt will typically occur within 24-48 hours and the remaining attempts will occur within the 5-7 days to follow, unless otherwise specified. And, although this is our standard...we will often do what we can to make sure the job is done right, within reason. 

At times, we will encounter a difficult to serve individual or entity. If this occurs, we may request additional funds to cover the expense of locating and serving them. If we need to travel a great distance from our headquarters in Tumwater, Washington, we may require an additional fee. 

We serve all documents ourselves, so you know it will be done right. 

If we are requested to file with the Affidavit of Service with the Court, there may be an additional $10.00 Filing Fee.


Locating Subject: $25.00 per Report 

We will generate one background report per Subject Name. When multiple addresses are found, you select which to serve. 

Surveillance: $40.00 per hour 

If deemed necessary, this service is provided only for the purpose of serving legal documents for difficult serves. 

Complex Affidavit: $35.00, if requested 

If deemed necessary, this service is offered by request for the purpose of documenting of complex serves.

Document Printing: $0.10 per page 

We will print to serve the first 20-pages at no charge, this fee only accrues after the first 20 pages. 

All service attempts are verified by photo and typically, we will return all Affidavits of Service directly to you for filing purposes. We will then invoice you following successful service delivery or attempted service delivery with confirmation of a Bad Address. 

Please understand that we work for you and will do our best to meet your needs, with the hope of exceeding your expectations; however, Harrington Investigations P.C. cannot guarantee that a Subject will be available for Service or the address provided is the most recent, or accurate. We will do our best to serve them at the address provided (by you) and/or assist you in the process of locating them via our database.


Our services and rates are current, effective 05/18/2020. We reserve the right to modify our terms and/or adjust our rates, at any time. Thank you. 

Background Investigation

Harrington Investigations P.C. also coordinates and conducts comprehensive, thorough background investigations, frequently utilizing proprietary databases to provide the most current, detailed, relevant information available about specific individuals, including their known associates and/or their respective business interests. 

The reports generated are employed to identify the most recently reported contact information (address, phone, email, etc.), but must be justified in their specific use. 

Our Background Searches and Follow Up Investigations, when requested, usually consist of someone attempting to locate an individual for the purpose of debt recovery (skip tracing), or identifying the whereabouts of a missing or lost friend and/or loved one, or even researching a person's criminal history and/or if they are listed on any of the current Global Watch Lists. 

The comprehensive reports specific to a business contain listings of UCC filings, vehicle, aircraft and property ownership, including deeds, assessments, foreclosures, and all eviction history, bankruptcy's liens and judgments. It lists all known (current and/or former) employees corporate officers and identifies the entity's principals, subsidiaries, corporate filings and all contact information associated with the business' location.​ 

Our Background Investigations typically start at $100.00, if just a report and can vary, based on the specific type of information sought and whether there is any follow up and/or leads to actively pursue. The purpose of acquiring this data, may involve communicating with one or more of the individuals associated with the case. 

Depending on the need, such as address confirmation, employment history verification, etc., more resources may be necessary. We can gather as much information about a specific subject, as you would like. Please let us know your needs and we will tailor a plan to help you achieve your goals and acquire the results you seek...if they are possible.


Private Investigator Licenses:

Oregon Investigator 90168  |  Washington Agency 2066  |  Washington Principal 3828

7016 Tahoe Drive SE

Tumwater, WA 98501

(360) 742-3860 office

(360) 499-2405 cell

email is the preferred method of contact