When someone you know is missing, for you...time stops. Fear and anxiety ensue, along with feelings of anguish, hurt, terror, helplessness, frustration and despair. Unfortunately, people go missing every day, for a multitude of reasons. 

​​Some, are voluntary. While others, are not. 

The imminent threat of this occurring is very real and regardless of the reason, it is imperative that you find someone you can help you through it. Someone who will work diligently alongside Local, Regional or even Federal Law Enforcement to locate and do their best to bring that person reported missing, home safely. 

Harrington Investigations P.C. coordinates and conducts Missing Persons Investigations originating in Oregon and Washington and is ready to assist you in locating the person you have  reported missing. We will do our best to locate and bring them home, safely. If someone you know is missing and you are looking for help in finding them, please let us know...immediately. 

​Exclusively Focused, Relentlessly Pursuing Every Lead 

Although, Dr. Harrington has worked tirelessly to become one of today's premier investigators, each case involving a person reported missing, presents its own unique set of distinct challenges and inevitable difficulties. If the individual reported missing is a child, one must ask...were they a runaway, thrownaway, abducted, or just discovered "missing" one moment, then reported? It is important to realize that over 2,000 children are reported missing every day in the United States, along with countless others around the world.

Immediately reporting a missing child to your local law enforcement agency, should ALWAYS be your first step. Then, hiring a competent, results-oriented, licensed private investigator should be your next. There is no waiting period to report someone missing. If you suspect they not hesitate, contact us now! 

Cases involving missing adults are typically handled much differently by law enforcement, because many of the adults that go so voluntarily. This compels law enforcement to frequently employ a "wait and see" approach for the first 30 days, unless the person reported missing has done so under suspicious circumstances. Regardless, hiring an experienced investigator, focused exclusively on your case and relentlessly pursuing every lead will be essential. 

​​Employing a Multi-Phasic Approach 

Harrington Investigations P.C. team members work fervently to employ a multi-phasic approach when coordinating and conducting Missing Persons Investigations. The initial phase of an investigation involves completing all of the essential fact-gathering, theoretical, and case analysis elements. These equip us with the ability to identify the timeline, along with the most relevant characteristics and traits of a case, enabling us to more adequately determine prospective locations to search, evidence to assess and people to contact. 

The next phase involves the active investigation, where we publicize the case (media, website, flyers, canvassing, etc.), track down existing and identify new leads...wherever they may direct us, with the hope of finding whom we seek. This process could also involve working in unison with Local, Regional and/or even Federal Law Enforcement to locate and safely return the person declared missing. 

Please trust that we will continue to search, as long as we are directed to do so; employing whatever means necessary. 

Our "follow-up" phase includes revisiting the active investigation, maintaining the website, phone line, etc., while remaining on standby...should the case remain open for any significant time period. While our goal is to resolve every case, experience reveals that some mysteries just take more time to solve. 

Regardless, you have our enduring commitment that we will do all we can to help. 

Harrington Investigations P.C. Missing Persons Investigative Fee Schedule: 

Phase 1: Preliminary Investigation starts with an $800.00 Minimum Flat-Fee and includes the first twenty-hours of work performed. This is based on the specific amount of projected work and strategic planning required. The phase will typically include an analysis of existing evidence, the initial interviews of immediate family, construction of the investigative plan, etc. 

Phase 2a: Active Investigation is $40.00 per hour (billing in six-minute increments and working all day, night, if necessary). Reasonable travel expenses and necessary accommodations may be additional and will be discussed in the proposed agreement.

Phase 2b: Active Investigation Support is a $50.00 per month fee that will include the creation and circulation of an electronic flyer, dedicated domain name...specific to the individual (i.e. John Smith, Jane Doe, etc.), exclusive website page and access to the Harrington Investigations P.C. dedicated Missing Persons Lead Line (360) 947-3480.

Phase 3: Follow-Up Investigation costs will vary, depending on what is specifically required. Any additional Active Investigation will revert to the Phase 2 Fee Schedule. 

PAYMENT POLICY: All anticipated investigative costs are non-refundable and must be paid-in-advance. That is, unless a substantial down payment and mutually agreed upon fee schedule are established, prior to initiating the investigation. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to afford our required fees, please contact us to explore alternative options. We are here to help, in any way that we can and discounted services are available. 

Thank you again for considering Harrington Investigations P.C.

Private Investigator Licenses:

Oregon Investigator 90168  |  Washington Agency 2066  |  Washington Principal 3828


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