What's in a name? ...some say, everything. 

​Harrington Investigations P.C. is a proven, experienced name you can trust. 

Shane Harrington, PhD is the licensed Principal of Harrington Investigations P.C., a professional, private investigator agency dedicated to criminal defense investigation, headquartered in Olympia, Washington. 

Dr. Harrington has provided investigative research and various consultative services, around the world, since January 2001. In 2013, he launched his own agency, which has become Harrington Investigations P.C.. Today, Dr. Harrington is focused primarily on criminal defense investigation and process service for a select clientele. 

Dr. Harrington provides investigative services, alongside trusted, reputable attorneys handling criminal cases. Clients and attorneys alike, have said that one of Dr. Harrington's most admirable qualities is in working honestly with people he can help and accepting assignments he can complete. 

In a legal case, we have one chance to get it right. The stakes are much too high to waste time with anything or anyone less than the best. Which is why you need the right attorney to represent you and the best investigator for your case.  

This is especially important when someone's livelihood, freedom or even their life may be at stake. For this reason, Dr. Harrington meticulously analyzes case discovery, formulating case-specific hypotheses, as he endeavors to assist attorneys in preparing optimal legal defense strategies.

While there are areas that he excels, there are others he does not and thankfully, Dr. Harrington knows and can accept the difference. Those who have worked with him, know that he strives to be a producer. He is detail-oriented, reliable, passionate about and exceptional in what he does. Dr. Harrington is determined to excel and deliver a successful outcome in the work aspires to do. 

Please trust that Dr. Harrington will let you know if there is a case that may be outside of his scope of practice. A case that may only require an attorney, or is simply something that may not benefit from conducting an intensive, thorough investigation. 

Most of the cases that Dr. Harrington receives, involve allegations of violent crime (e.g. murder, rape, assault, robbery, etc.) and will be investigated at the direction of the Client's attorney. Dr. Harrington will work diligently, as they gather the relevant facts and supporting documentation with the aim of assisting your attorney.

We know that finding the right attorney is essential and we can assist you in doing so, if needed. Thank you for considering us as well. Trust that we would be honored to work with you. We also provide affordable, competent, consistent process service in legal matters and specialize in difficult serves.